Stand By For Failure: A Documentary About Negativland w/ dir. + band members via Skype

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Orpheum · Saugerties

A SONIC WAVE 2 and CLOSE UP screening.

Monday, May 13 7:00p

Since childhood, David “The Weatherman” Wills has recorded and reported on anything that grabs his attention. When he and friends Richard Lyons and Mark Hosler formed Negativland, it soon became a collage of sounds and visuals, both ordinary and extraordinary. The group’s work is so expansive and unique that it cannot help but push boundaries of sound, media, propaganda, and perception. (Ryan Worsley, US, 2022, 99m)

“Few artists have logged as many hours on the battlefield of fair use, let alone questioned as persistently the associated legal constraints around intellectual property, as Negativland, whose sonic, visual and performance appropriations and parodies have challenged eyeballs, eardrums and moral standards alike since the late 1970s.” — The Wire

Post-screening discussion with film director Ryan Worsley and Negativland’s David “The Weatherman” Wills, Mark Hosler and Jon Leidecker  via Skype.

Ryan Worsley is a DIY documentary filmmaker with experience in graphic design, UX design and teaching. She studied Cinematography and Film/Video Production at RISD in Providence. In her work, she often reconstructs and recontextualizes fragmented found footage.

Mark Hosler is the co-founder of multimedia collective Negativland, whose mission is to collect and repurpose sounds.

co-presented with WaveFarm and PlayTime