Find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Customer: How much are tickets? Can I pay with a credit card?
Upstate Films: If you are an Upstate Films Member your ticket is $6. Adult tickets are $10. If you are 62 or older your ticket is $8. If you are a studious student with an ID your ticket is $8.00.
Starting June 18th, 2021, Upstate will accept credit cards for in-theater purchases.
Our box offices open 50 minutes before the first show of every day for day-of-show ticket sales only. Weekend shows can get crowded, so come early to your show. You could also come earlier in the day to the box office to buy a ticket ahead of time. Certain special events have presale tickets, check the Specials section of our website for more info.

Customer: Where are the restrooms?
UF: In each of our Rhinebeck theaters restrooms are located to the left and behind the screens.

Customer: What is Membership? How do I become a Member?
UF: Membership saves you money ($4) every time you see a movie at our theaters in Rhinebeck and Woodstock. By making a tax-deductible contribution you help keep the cinema alive and thriving. Upstate Films Membership saves you money at over 50 local businesses that honor our card. Upstate Films Membership gets you into special member events. Filmgoers able to make larger donations enjoy extra benefits, including complimentary goodies, phone-in reservations, and more. Upstate Films Membership makes a great gift! Membership support has been the backbone of Upstate Films (a non-profit 501c3 organization) since 1972.

Become a Member or Renew your Membership online using your Amex, MasterCard, or Visa credit/debit card. Use our secure web form to join online. Please fill out the form carefully and completely. Note: We can only accept debit/credit cards online, not through the mail, or at our Box Offices.
To get your Membership by mail, print out a copy of our Membership Form. All mailed-in Membership forms must be accompanied by a check made out to Upstate Films. Mail to: PO Box 324, Rhinebeck, NY 12572. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
You can also visit us at our Box Offices to become a Member and see your first discounted movie all in one night.  Box Offices accept Cash and Check only.

Customer: Does Upstate Films sell Gift Certificates?
UF: Yes. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, as a thank-you gift, or just for fun.  Get them in person at the box office, use the internet via our secure web form, or by mail. Send a pre-addressed, stamped envelope, any desired message or special instructions, and a check for the amount of your choosing to:

PO BOX 324

Customer: How do I find out when the movie I want to see is showing at Upstate Films?
UF: We think the best thing to do is to sign up for our weekly email. We will not sell, share, or trade your email address.
If you’re on the website, click on the words “Rhinebeck” and “Woodstock” in the main menu to view the different movies now showing and coming soon at our separate locations.
You can also call 1.866.FILM.NUT or 845.876.2515 for the showtimes in Rhinebeck or 845.679.6608 for the showtimes in Woodstock.
Or check local newspapers: our showtimes are in the Friday Enjoy section of the  Poughkeepsie Journal, Almanac Weekly, and in Friday’s Preview section of  the Daily Freeman, double check the date, time, and location.

Customer: What happened to Woodstock?
UF: In 2021, we decided not to reopen our theater in Woodstock. That said, our presence in the Kingston/Woodstock/Saugerties area is alive and well! Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming plans.   

Customer: Who decides what you show?
UF: There’s a whole world of film out there, it’s hard to see and evaluate every movie. Luckily Paul, Jason, the Upstate staff, and a community of people who like to watch lots of interesting movies are on the case. Sometimes we are unable to show films we would like to. The length of engagement of certain movies is in part determined by distributors, which can sometimes make scheduling three screens in two locations a challenge. We have been running our Well Worth Watching Series to program films we think deserve attention but can be difficult to squeeze in.

Customer: I have a concern, programming idea, special event, I’m interested in advertising, or there’s something I want to bring to your attention – how do I get in touch with you?
UF: Email us at info@upstatefilms.org or call our business office at 845.876.4546 and leave a message.

Customer: Your prices went up? Why did you raise your ticket and Membership level prices?
UF: As of December 27, 2013 Upstate Films raised its ticket and membership prices. Here’s why: Upstate Films operating costs have increased substantially during the past three years. As always, our biggest cost is  film rental. For decades, film rental was based on a sliding scale. But for the past few years we’ve had to pay what the film distributors demand: a “terms are firm” fixed percentage of the admissions through the course of the film’s engagement. This fixed percentage currently hovers around 50%, whereas the sliding scale version averaged around 45% of gross admissions. This results in Upstate Films shifting tens of thousands of dollars to the distributors. 

We have tried to weather this change without having it affect admission prices. But it’s become clear that we can no longer do so. Instead, we must adapt to the changed business climate,  just as we did by converting from film to digital cinema. Your support was crucial for digital and we hope you will understand this change as well.

As a non-profit arts organization, our mission is to make international and independent cinema as accessible and affordable as possible. We have been operating at a deficit for the past couple of years. Across the board, costs are going up while public funding is going down. In the midst of these challenges, Upstate Films remains committed to showing an eclectic mix of films, providing a unique cinema experience, supporting local businesses, and paying living wages to its staff.

Your generous -tax-deductible to the full extent of the law- donations contribute greatly to our ability to bring films and filmmakers into Woodstock (as of 2010) and Rhinebeck since 1972.  We thank you for your continued support and patronage. You, our audience, are our community. It is your passion for film that makes Upstate Films what it is. We don’t show commercials; we don’t show 20 minutes of trailers. We show movies. Member or not, we value your support. See you at the movies.