Event Hosting at Upstate Films

Plan a private screening or special event at one of Upstate Films’ two historic theaters.
(See fees and request form at bottom of page.)

Starr Cinema in Rhinebeck is nestled on a charming alleyway in the heart of town.
It has two intimate spaces:

The Big (153 seats), featuring a state-of-the-art sound system.


The Little (87 seats), an intimate screening room.

The Orpheum in Saugerties is a classic village theater. It has three spaces:

The Vaudeville (135 seats), with a stage in front of the screen and new world-class audio.

The Workhorse (148 seats), a well-sized theater for different events.

Choose from multiple concession packages, including our famous popcorn with REAL BUTTER, both artisanal and classic candies, and local baked goods. We also serve wine, beer and cider.

*** Lux members get a free theater rental as part of their membership benefits!

See rates and other important information HERE.

Please fill out the form below and, for further inquiries, contact John Garay at (845) 876 2515 (menu option 5, then 5 again)/ johng@upstatefilms.org