Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Allen Coulter, co-chair, Tivoli
Barbara Huseby, co-chair, Germantown
Sven Erik Stangvik, co-chair, Germantown
Carolyn Blackwood, Rhinecliff
Elissa Federoff, Saugerties
Griffin Dunne, Rhinebeck
Kenzie Reinoso, Clermont
Sara Arno, Rhinecliff/New York City
Susan Bodine, Staatsburg
Susan Mercandetti, Stanfordville
Tom Bullard, Woodstock


DeDe Leiber, Rhinebeck
Steve Leiber, Hurley
Susan Goldman, Woodstock


Jason Silverman, co-executive director
Paul Sturtz, co-executive director

Alanna Medlock, events producer
Bethany Tipping, manager of theater & technical operations
John Garay, programs & partners manager
Winifred Marion, business manager

Theater Staff

Alex Henderson-Milgram
Beth Zysberg
Daisy Gadsby
Danysse Serrano
Gillian Henderson
Hannah Mangione
Hudson Perrin, starr head projectionist
Jack Dumont, program associate
Jamie Ferris, marketing & membership manager
Keillor Cherrits, cleaner
Killian Briggs
Mia Barbuto, production assistant
Miguel Tobon, assistant manager of theater operations
Nate Henricks, event engineer
Teo Longman Azevedo

Staff Consultants

Katie Cokinos, orpheum senior programmer/outreach & recycling manager
Diane Congello-Brandes, bookkeeper
Alex Rappoport, facilities advisor
Liam King, maintenance assistant