YES & ! 


Hot August weekends are a moreish time perfect for YES & ! It’s a set of four (free!), all-ages screenings, underwritten by community partners.

The series title is inspired by a classic game in improvisational comedy, “yes and…” in which one replies affirmatively to what another improviser has stated, before expanding on that line of thinking. This technique fosters effective communication, and encourages the free, cooperative sharing of ideas.

The ampersand and exclamation point translate into late-summer fun at Upstate Films: the classic, live-action Roald Dahl film WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (1971) is followed by three wide-ranging programs of animation.

A FREE series. Please be considerate and limit RSVPs to a maximum of 4 tickets per film as we would like the entire community to enjoy the series.