Wes Anderson Night – Double Feature!

Asteroid City (Catskill) Tickets The Royal Tenenbaums (Catskill) Tickets

Community Theatre · Catskill

Saturday, September 16

 $11/$7 for one film, $13/$9 for double feature
 Select Asteroid City to purchase a double-feature ticket.

Asteroid City (2023, 105 min.) 6 pm + The Royal Tenenbaums (2001, 109 min.) 8:15 pm
Wes Anderson has firmly planted himself in American cinematic culture with his maximalist cinematography, rich soundtracks, and stylized stories with a bevy of talent. This weekend, come see a double-feature of his newest film Asteroid City alongside one of his classics, The Royal Tenenbaums

Of Asteroid City: “Anderson remains cinema’s most astonishing stylist, the rigour and detail in every frame never better” – Empire

Of The Royal Tenenbaums: “…The Royal Tenenbaums feels like his signature achievement, proof that he could manage an ensemble like a complex organism, with many individual parts harmonizing in perfect balance.” – The Guardian