Wes Anderson

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Age: 55
Country of Origin: U.S.
Top Films: Rushmore, Moonrise Kingdom, Grand Budapest Hotel, The French Dispatch

When watching a Wes Anderson film, prepare to be mesmerized and have your sense of wonder reinvigorated. Each film is an invitation to an outrageous new adventure filled with quirky characters whose dreams and schemes remind us that anything and everything is possible. Renowned for his meticulously curated set design, bold color palettes, vintage costuming — and perhaps near obsession with symmetry — aesthetically, Wes Anderson’s signature cinematic style conjures memories of the little vintage storybooks you may have read as a child. It’s always been a treat to see how Anderson’s nostalgia for growing up in the seventies and eighties influences his unique brand of storytelling.
–Olivia Antsis, Director of Development

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