Well Worth Watching Series… A Film Unfinished

Nov. 26 – Dec. 2
Fri 7:00
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Wed 8:10
Thur 8:10 – Last Show
(Israel / 2010 / dir by Yael Hersonski)
The fourth film in our Well Worth Watching Series… At the end of WWII, an uncompleted Nazi propaganda film about the Warsaw ghetto was discovered, and soon became a resource for historians.
Only later, when another reel of “raw” unedited footage was found was it clear that the Nazis had been crafting a heinous propaganda version of the Ghetto. It reveals corpses lying on sidewalks, children ravaged by hunger, and wild-eyed beggars. The cinematographer who shot much of the footage is interviewed, as are a few now-elderly former residents who watch scenes and comment. An enormously important film. In Hebrew, German, Polish, Yiddish, English. English subtitles.
Unrated / 89 mins.
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