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in Rhinebeck 
June 25
Wed 8:10 (last show)
(Canada / 2013 / Directed by Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky)
PG / 92 mins.
Edward Burtynsky reteams with Manufactured Landscapes director Jennifer Baichwal to co-direct this massively ambitious, visually arresting investigation of the relationships between humanity and one of its most precious resources – water.
Hopscotching the globe, the film carries us from the tannery district of Dhaka, Bangladesh, where leather goods are treated with chemical water baths that outflow into the Buriganga River, to the Greenland Ice Sheet, where scientists analyze ice core samples from the last interglacial period before ours. From the air, the film soars over vast abalone farms in the East China Sea, the Stikine River watershed in northern British Columbia, the 12th-century step-wells of Rajasthan, and the 21st-century Bellagio Fountains of Las Vegas. As in their previous work, Watermark presents awe-inspiring images and ideas while toying with our senses. After seeing a slow motion shot of river rapids, with water jetting up and out in majestic sprays, it is only later that we learn we’re seeing the silt release from the massive Xiaolangdi Dam in China. Disguising disaster as beauty, the film invites us to contemplate how we are not just passive watchers of what nature does – we are responsible. In English, Mandarin, Bengali, Spanish, and Hindi with subtitles.
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