Ten Films that Changed America (Upstate University)

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Saturday, September 9 7:00p

We often think of the movies as entertainment, an escape from the pressures and crises of the world around us. Yet there is a group of films that have not only enchanted audiences but also influenced society, even changed America. In this brand-new and highly curated event, renowned Bard College film professor Joseph Luzzi will discuss the cinematic masterpieces that have profoundly impacted our nation’s culture, history, and politics. Professor Luzzi will give you the tools to understand and appreciate even the most complex films and help you understand of how each of them remade American society in unique ways. We will consider some of the most remarkable cinematic masterpieces ever made—while also introducing you to some less-known films that will surprise you. Films will include Casablanca, Rebel without a Cause, The Graduate, Jaws, Philadelphia…and others!

Join us for an event that will fundamentally change the way you watch films and help you see how, now more than ever, great cinema can be your passport to understanding the mystery and magic of American identity.

Co-presented by Thoughtful Productions