Upstate Comedy Club presents Greg Stone

Orpheum Tickets

Orpheum · Saugerties

A LIVE FROM UPSTATE special event.

Saturday, July 13 8:00p

NYC comedian Greg Stone (America’s Got Talent, Gotham Comedy Live, Sirius XM’s “The Rad Dudecast”) comes to the Mark stage at the Orpheum, with feature acts by Dan DiMarino, Juan Pantaleon, and Pete Vino.

While it’s often said that tragedy plus time equals comedy, it could just as easily be said that enthusiasm minus caution equals comedian Greg Stone. One of the funniest storytellers in New York, Greg is a fixture at the city’s top comedy clubs and independent shows, where he shares true stories of the highs and lows caused by his lack of inhibition. Greg has recently performed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, TruTV’s “Friends of the People,” and AXS TV’s “Gotham Comedy Live.” Bowing to the increasing demand that he be heard and not seen, Greg has also been featured on Sirius/XM Radio’s The Bennington Show, hit podcasts like “Tuesdays with Stories” and not-a-hit-but-still-hilarious podcasts like “The Rad Dudecast,” which Greg co-hosts with Anthony DeVito and Brendan Eyre. Not bad for a guy who spends a good portion of his spare time posing action figures in his bedroom. Ask him politely and he’ll tell you about the time he drunkenly jumped on stage with Michael Bolton.

Dan DiMarino

Juan Pantaleon

Pete Vino