Umberto Eco: A Library of the World

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Tuesday, September 19 5:15p
Wednesday, September 20 5:15p
Thursday, September 21 5:15p

This tour of Umberto Eco’s private library (which is so large and winding, it almost doesn’t look real) guided by the author himself, is less a documentary than a celebration of the prolific mind and writer. Using both new and archival footage, we become immersed in Eco’s thoughts as he draws parallels between libraries, memory, veracity, and society. (dir. Davide Derrario, Italy, 2022, 90 min.) 

“(The film) memorializes Eco the thinker, and urges us to reacquaint ourselves with his writings directly, to seek out the deadly serious implications that always underlie his literary games.” – Slant Magazine