Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

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Part of THE WITCHING HOUR film series.

Saturday, October 28 7:30p
Wednesday, November 1 7:30p

A prequel to David Lynch’s famous television series Twin Peaks, this film chronicles the last week of homecoming queen Laura Palmer. Laura’s secret, racy late-night lifestyle exposes the dark underbelly of an all-American town, and puts her in grave danger. Arresting visuals that are now synonymous with Lynch are freshly used to investigate the question of how both pure and adulterated desires can exist in the same being. The answer? Maybe they can’t. (U.S., 1992, 134m)

“Fire Walk With Me is not just an artistic triumph in its own right, it’s the key to the entire Twin Peaks universe. A quarter of a century on, the film is being rightly rediscovered by fans and critics as Lynch’s unsung masterwork. It took a long time, and it took its toll on its maker, but Fire Walk With Me has finally come in from the cold.” – The Guardian