Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett stars as CBS producer Mary Mapes, who climbs a slippery slope when she and Dan Rather (Robert Redford) organize a segment for 60 Minutes that has the potential to end George W. Bush’s presidency.

Mapes (Blanchett) receives a tip when a retired colonel comes forward with photocopies of letters from the early 1970s that seem to prove George W. Bush, who was in the Texas Air National Guard at the time, not only got preferential treatment but was AWOL for an entire year. To pull her story together, Mary assembles a stellar team – including a journalism professor (Elisabeth Moss), an unemployed researcher (Topher Grace), and a retired Marine colonel (Dennis Quaid). As the group double-checks facts in a rush to meet their deadline, they end up airing a story that was actually true. But when they are unable to prove their case, the powers that be at CBS do all they can to discredit them, propelling the end of Rather’s and Mapes’ careers at the network. With moving performances from Blanchett and Redford at its center, TRUTH is a thrilling piece of filmmaking that shows the pitfalls of trying to speak truth to power.

“…a gripping, beautifully executed journalistic thriller about the events that ended Dan Rather’s career as a CBS anchorman” — Stephen Holden, NY Times

Nov 16 – 19 Rhinebeck
Monday – Tuesday5:50, 8:15
Wednesday3:10, 5:50, 8:15
Thursday5:50, 8:15
*Ends Thursday in Rhinebeck
*Starts in Woodstock Friday

(Australia, USA / 2015 / Directed by James Vanderbilt)
R / 121 mins.