Trouble in Paradise

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January 29 at the Starr Cinema • February 2 at the Orpheum Theatre

Sunday, January 29  w/ intro by author David Weir

Thursday, February 2 w/ intro by author David Weir

Revival House
Celebrate Ernst Lubitsch’s birthday with a screening of one of his most beloved films. When Gaston, a thief (Herbert Marshall) and his partner Lily, a pickpocket (Miriam Hopkins) decide to pull a scam on Mariette (Kay Francis), who runs a perfume factory. Errant love, sharp social satire and crossed loyalties ensued, and with his famed “Lubitsch touch,” the director makes it feel sweet, urgent, joyful and much more moving than you might expect. (U.S., 1932, 83m)
The scholar David Weir, author of a new book about the film, introduces the film
“**** … Intoxicating comedy that’s the height of sophistication, but the champagne bubbles still tickle your nose.” –Roger Ebert