Thelonious Monk: Rewind & Play

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Wednesday, April 26
Thursday, April 27

The Senegalese master Alain Gomis (FELICITE) rediscovers a musical treasure: footage from a December, 1969 performance and TV interview with the great Monk in Paris. A concert interwoven with a revelatory interview, in which the TV host casually, unintentionally conveys the racism and exploitation of the day. It’s a new form of music documentary: a brilliant concert coupled with the painful world outside of it. (France, 2022, 65m)

“A minor masterwork and a fervent tribute”The New Yorker

Preceded by Shirley Clarke’s avant-garde short film BRIDGES-GO-ROUND. Images of New York Cities various bridges are transformed by the two soundtracks, a jazz version and an electro-acoustic version. (U.S.A., 1958, 8m)