The Who’s Tommy



April 21, 23 and 26

In one of the most thrilling collaborations in rock-cinema history, cinema’s wild child Ken Russell (WOMEN IN LOVE) teamed up with the arena rock band The Who, at the height of their Rock Opera aspirations. The result is one of the strangest and glorious experiments, with performances by Jack Nicholson, Ann-Margaret covered in food slop, Tina Turner as The Acid Queen, and Elton John singing “Pinball Wizard.” Underneath the flash is a story of an abused teen (played by Roger Daltrey) who becomes an unintentional guru—a social critique that resonated through the edgy, now iconic music. Nominated for two Oscars; winner of a Golden Globe for Ann-Margaret’s performance. (U.K., 1975, 111m)

“Spectacular in nearly every way” –Variety