The Sicilian Girl

The Sicilian Girl
November 22 – 23
Mon 5:50
Tue 6:00 – Last Show
Wed No Show
(Italy / 2009 / dir by Marco Amenta)
Feisty young Rita Atria is the daughter of a Mafia don, the apple of his eye, until he’s shot down in the sunny village square by rivals.
She and her older brother hope to avenge his death, but six years later her brother is eternally silenced. Despite her antipathy for the state’s legal apparatus, 17-year-old Rita (Veronica D’Agostino) hands over her extensive diaries to a famed anti-Mafia judge, Paolo Borsellino (Gérard Jugnot). Her bitter mother denounces her betrayal, and Rita is forced to hide away. While in exile, she prepares to counter the Mafia lawyers’ claims that her diaries are “the ravings of a fanatical adolescent bent on revenge.” A tragic and gripping film based on a true story.
In Italian with subtitles.
R / 107 mins.
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