The Secret Life of Plants

Orpheum Tickets with pre-film happening


Sunday, April 23
**with pre-film happening with sound healer Fletcher Boote and her singing bowls.

Walon Green, best known as a writer (THE WILD BUNCH) also explored the wonders of nature as a documentary filmmaker, first with his Onar-winning HELLSTROM CHRONICLES (about bugs) and then, with this rarity (adapted from a bestselling book), which argues that plants are sentient beings. Along with the startling, psychedelic time-lapse cinematography, the best part is the original musical score by Stevie Wonder. (U.S., 1978, 96m)

“Plants pop and the mind boggles in this documentary about the pain and joy that plants experience, how they communicate it, and the interconnectedness of all things.” –Belcourt Theatre

**Fletcher Boote is a multidisciplinary visual artist, vocalist and healer. For the last twenty years, Fletcher’s work has explored the performative embodiments that correlate with the somatic healing power of sound. She holds an MFA from University of the Arts, London, in performance and has a long career working locally as a professional sound healer.

Fletcher will guide you, Sunday, April 23, through a sonic journey using instrumentation including crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, harmonium, and voice. Mindful connection and community healing are at the heart of her practice.