The Rescue

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Starr · Rhinebeck

Thursday, November 4

In their Oscar-winning instant classic FREE SOLO, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin followed a rock climber holding onto life by his fingertips. Now, the duo raise the stakes by a factor of 13, as they immerse themselves in a terrifying rescue mission: the attempt to extract 12 boys and their coach from an underground labyrinth of caves, one that’s quickly filling with water. A soulful yet thrilling real-life adventure, THE RESCUE stars a thousands-strong international collective that volunteered to help, in a communal display of generosity and caring, and a group of shy Englishmen, practitioners of the obscure, murky sport of cave diving and pressed into service when all else fails. (U.S./U.K., 2021, 110m)

“A true-life story of endurance and courage … a stunning documentary of bone-deep moral resonance and cinematic mastery”–Hollywood Reporter