The Man Who Fell To Earth

Jan 29 Rhinebeck



Jan 31 Woodstock




The late great David Bowie stars in Nicolas (Performance,Walkabout, Don’t Look Now) Roeg’s sci-fi cult classic playing an orange-haired, pale-faced  ET, a visitor from outer space who comes to Earth hoping to find water to save his parched, dying planet.

To raise the billions he needs to return home with a solution, he starts a high tech company with help from an attorney (Buck Henry), and a sleazy college professor (Rip Torn). But soon he meets Mary-Lou (Candy Clark) who falls in love with him, and all bets are off. An eye-popping assault of fragmented, non-linear narrative, this cautionary tale features striking visuals, and a 70s soundtrack by John Phillips of The Mamas and Papas.

(UK / 1976 / Directed by Nicolas Roeg)
R / 139 mins.