The Good Mind

Aug 13 Rhinebeck




Join Upstate Women in Film and Television (UPWIFT) and Upstate Films for a special screening & discussion with filmmaker Gwendolen Cates on Sunday, August 13th at 1pm in Rhinebeck.
Filmmaker Gwendolen Cates addresses Native American sovereignty and water protection issues in the powerfully moving and informative documentary, “The Good Mind.”

The Onondaga Nation (Central Fire of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy) never accepted U.S. citizenship, has its own passport, and still maintains a traditional government led by clan mothers and chiefs. Motivated by ancient prophecies, the Nation fights for environmental stewardship of ancestral land and waters taken by NY State in violation of a 1794 treaty with George Washington. Tragically, Lake Onondaga, a sacred site for the Haudenosaunee, remains the most polluted lake in the United States, from chemical dumping by GE, Honeywell and other corporations. This award-winning film provides an in-depth look at Native American and water protection issues, which residents of New York State may be surprised to find are closer to home than the Dakota Access Pipeline.

(USA / 2016 / Directed by Gwendolen Cates)
Unrated / 1 hr 6 mins.