The Cake Eaters

Sun March 22, 2:00

IN PERSON: Mary Stuart Masterson
(co-sponsored by the Hudson Valley Programmers Group)

(US / 2008 / dir by Mary Stuart Masterson)

For her directorial debut, actress Mary Stuart Masterson (BENNY & JOON) has created a subtle, textured film.

TWILIGHT’s Kristen Stewart stars as Georgia, a 15-year-old girl with a rare, debilitating neurological disorder. Sheltered by her artist mother, she’s eager to pack in as much living as possible in the little time she has left. She begins a romance with 20-something Beagle (Aaron Stanford), while her grandmother (Elizabeth Ashley) continues a decades-long affair with Beagle’s father Easy (Bruce Dern). Things get more complex when Easy’s prodigal son Guy (Jayce Bartok) returns from pursuing rock-star fantasies, having conveniently missed his mother’s slow, agonizing death from cancer while Beagle never left her side. Unpretentious and nuanced with excellent performances. Filmed locally in the Catskills with music by Duncan Sheik.

unrated / 95 mins

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