The Amazing Nina Simone

“The Amazing Nina Simone” tells the story of the singer, songwriter, pianist and activist, through over 50 exclusive and intimate interviews with the people who knew Nina best: her friends, family, musicians and fellow activists, including Eric Burdon (The Animals), Sam Waymon (Nina’s Brother & Longtime Band Member), Nikki Giovanni (Poet, Professor & Friend) & Marie Christine Dunham-Pratt (Nina’s Lover & Friend). IN PERSON: Filmmaker Jeff Lieberman

Much beloved and often misunderstood, the story of Americaʼs most overlooked musical genius takes us on Nina’s journey from the segregated South, through the worlds of classical music, jazz joints & international concert halls. Navigating through the twists & turns of the 1960’s fight for racial equality, the film delves deep into Nina’s artistry and intentions, answering long-held questions behind Ninaʼs most beloved songs, bold style, controversial statements, and the reasons she left America.

Nov 20 Rhinebeck
Nov 21 Woodstock

(US / 2015 / Directed by Jeff Lieberman)
unrated / 108 mins.