Taking Venice

Trailer Review

Starr · Rhinebeck

Part of the ARThouse series

June 22 + 28

Picture this: it’s 1964. The Cold War is going strong and America is scared of communism. A group of powerful cultural powerhouses in America believe they can help the cause with a daring plan to make the little-known artist Robert Rauschenberg the winner of the Grand Prize of the most famous art fair in the world, The Venice Biennale. With thrilling actions that are pulled off by the power of sheer will (and a good bit of cunning aptitude), the American team leaves the international press in a tizzy, and Rauschenberg questioning what it means to be a patriot. A rollicking documentary that examines the characters and motivations of the art world. (dir. Amei Wallach, 2024, 80m)

“With the pacing of a caper, the film weaves a tale of suspense, intrigue, down and dirty politics, and conspiracy theories against the backdrop of glamorous parties, passionate debates about art, and, of course, the art itself.“ —Broadway World