Silent Souls

Oct 3 – Oct 6

Mon 6:00
Tue 6:00
Wed 8:15
Thur 8:15
(Russia / 2010 / dir by Aleksei Fedorchenko)
Unrated / 75 mins.
Set in the Russian Republic of Mari El — home to a unique and spirited community of Finno-Ugrecs (Merjans) who maintain mystical traditions that date back several centuries — Silent Souls is an extraordinary story about two Merjan men and the woman they both loved.
Aist (Igor Sergeyev) is a photographer with a penchant for the beautiful Tanya, the beloved he can never have. Married to Miron (Yuri Tsurilo), the CEO of a pulp factory, Tanya’s husband clings steadfastly to his marriage. When Tanya dies, Aist and Miron explore their love and loss together as they follow Merjan custom and commit Tanya’s ashes to the river Neya. Swirling in ritual, memory, romance, and mysticism, this delicate film merges ethnology and fiction into an intoxicating melange of visual poetry.
In Russian with subtitles.
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