Premiering Four HUDSY Originals



Wednesday, June 22, 6:30p

HANDmade: Tiffany Freeman

The HUDSY Original series HANDmade features creatives doing what they love. We observe their process, learn where their inspiration comes from, and see some amazing art along the way. This episode features portraiture artist Tiffany Freeman.


A group of ghost hunters capture an EVP, electronic voice phenomena, triggering more paranormal activity than they could have ever imagined. Created by Allrise Films & HUDSY

New York ROCKS with Geo Beck

In the pilot episode of this HUDSY Original Series, we go on a mini road trip and visit three notable glacial erratics in the Hudson Valley with our geologist guide, Geo Beck (Becky Nesel) to learn about the region’s glacial history. Whether they are made of one-billion-year-old rock or balancing precariously off a cliff, each boulder tells its own story of when the region was covered in a thick blanket of ice.

STAYCATION: Orange County

The HUDSY Original Series STAYCATION is dedicated to showcasing the Hudson Valley’s astonishing views, historical milestones, and contemporary cultural spirit through a beautiful, light-hearted, and honest lens. Using high-quality aerial footage, each episode focuses on a single Hudson Valley county and features a healthy mix of the “best-of” Hudson Valley staples and lesser-known insider gems without giving away local secret spots. Orange County anchors the series’ first episode.