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Monday, November 27

After her sister is hospitalized under mysterious circumstances, Eva is tasked with sound designing a commercial for a mood-stabilizer company who harps on a horse-concept. Eager to please the company and also solve her sister’s mystery, Eva delves deeper into the ASMR world of replicating horses, where the animalistic sensuality of sound and body are explored…and then, she grows a horse tail. Shot on 16-mm, this is an art-house feast for the senses. (dir. Ann Oren, U.S, 2022, 86m)

Nothing is phoned in here, everything is calibrated to a unique frequency so that even though you can trace the influence of Bette Gordon, Catherine Breillat, and Lucille Hadzhihalillovic, Piaffe is its own playful and majestic beast.” – IndieWire