Paradise is There: A Memoir by Natalie Merchant

PARADISE IS THERE revisits Natalie Merchant’s multi-platinum solo debut album, Tigerlily, originally released in 1995 after she left the hit rock band 10,000 Maniacs. On the occasion of re-recording Tigerlily, she’s made a memoir-style film to tell her own story, the story behind the songs and the impact Tigerlily has had on her audience. IN PERSON: Natalie Merchant Jon Bowermaster… $12 Adults /$10 Seniors /$8 Members. Tickets available now at the Rhinebeck box office. 

With this film, comprised of live performances, archival footage, and interviews with musicians, friends and fans, we get to know Merchant in a new way and appreciate the humanity of the woman that is reflected in her music.Told through her voice and the voices of her fans, the bio-pic illustrates how powerfully the songs from the album – Carnival, River, Wonder, The Letter, and more – have affected her audience, and in turn how how the music and her admirers have influenced her own life. Filled with archival footage from her early days fronting the seminal alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs, plus live performances and interviews with musicians, friends and fans, this is the first doc about herself that Natalie Merchant has participated in.

Oct 29 Rhinebeck

(US/ 2015 / A Memoir by Natalie Merchant produced by Jon Bowermaster)
unrated / 90 mins.