Outdoor Screenings – Moving Pictures at Your Place?

Dear Filmgoers,

While our theaters in Rhinebeck and Woodstock remained closed, we’ve figured out how to take the show on the road with outdoor screenings. We had some fun this summer.
Since you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. We provide a movie size 16’ x 9’ image on our new screen using our high-powered portable projector, plus plenty of sound with a pair of thumping loudspeakers, and even  fresh hot popcorn with our moveable feast popcorn machine!

We’re ready when you are to liven up a summer evening with socially distanced cinema under the stars. If you are interested in hiring Upstate to make a house-call and run a high-quality, high-resolution movie screening for your private event for a maximum of 50 people, please reach out to us via email: info@upstatefilms.org. (A portion of the fee is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law as Upstate Films is a 501c3)

We’ve all had the opportunity to watch movies at home via many modes including our Virtual Cinema offerings, but we truly miss that shared experience of watching movies together on the big screen.

As we’ve  leave the dog days of summer, we continue to look forward to our eventual reopening while closely monitoring events both local and national. Currently we remain in standby mode while we fundraise to keep Upstate afloat and to improve air quality control and filtering at the theaters.

And during this uncertain-unprecedented-challenging period, we have received donations from filmgoers & members alike who have shown their support by buying a gift card, updating your membership, or making a donation, no matter the amount? We thank you in advance. 

Virtual Cinema continues so please visit our website… We know you have plenty of options for home streaming, but we appreciate every bit of support you offer as we continue to work on the confounding puzzle that is running an independent movie theater in 2020.

— the gang @ Upstate