One Hand Don’t Clap

Trailer Review

Orpheum · Saugerties

A SONIC WAVE Weekly screening.

Monday, June 10 7:00p

The jubilant and alluring beat of calypso and soca music is celebrated in this seminal documentary by New York-based filmmaker Kavery Kaul. From African-East Indian traditions of Trinidad and Tobago, to mainstream success by artists like Harry Belafonte, the history of calypso is exalted. With head-bobbing, toe-tapping sounds, and party-perfect footage from record studios and live shows, this film is worth watching on the big screen.  (Kavery Kaul, US, 1988, 92m)

“Seductively rhythmic and poetic…not just a documentary about music and musicians, but an examination of cultures co-existing as if in parallel universes.”  —New York Newsday