My Perestroika

Oct 17 – 18
Mon 6:00
Tue 8:25*

(US/UK/Russia / 2010 / dir by Robin Hessman)
Unrated / 88 mins
* Tuesday’s screening will be followed by a discussion with Bard Professor Gennady Shkliarevsky.
Combining eight-millimeter home movies and statist hymns from the Soviet past with engaging home interviews, Hessman’s film offers a revealing look at Russia’s past and present.
Anchoring the documentary are five former elementary school classmates who tell stories about coming of age in Moscow around the collapse of the Soviet Union. As they reminisce, they offer different perspectives on parallel experiences, ranging from mandatory youth-group membership in the ’70s, to the disorder of perestroika, the optimistic euphoria of 1991’s demonstrations, and the subsequent onset of adult pragmatism and disillusion. Plainspoken and insightful, these ordinary Russians seem remarkably similar to many Americans in the 21st century, making My Perestroika a lively glimpse behind the Iron Curtain and a revealing look at us, too.
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