My Father Evgeni

In Rhinebeck
April 21

Sunday Matinee 3:30pm

(Ukraine, US  / 2010 / dir by Andrei Zagdansky)
77 mins/unrated
IN PERSON: Filmmaker Andrei Zagdansky.
Q&A will follow the film screening.
Tickets: $10 Adults / $9 Seniors and Students / $8 Members
Andrei Zagdansky (Interpretation of Dreams) returns to Upstate Films with a film about his father that captures a moment of historical time as it masterfully weaves archival footage of the waning of the Soviet state, imagery of New York, and of Kiev and its now abandoned Popular Science Film Studio where his father was chief. 
All  this Zagdansky blends to create a tale that spans decades and evokes, in the words of one critic, a “reverie-inducing spell.” And, reading letters and “working with the play of textures … juxtaposing and manipulating the various film stocks, the filmmaker creates a dialectic of time: his father always speaking and thinking about the future, the son always dredging up the past – and the hurt of exile, that is both moving and smart.” .
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