Mothers of Bedford

mothers of bedford
In Rhinebeck
October 22
Sat 8:30
(US / 2011 / Dir by Jenifer McShane)
Unrated / 93 mins
In Person: Director Jenifer McShane & editor Toby Shimin
Being a mom can be difficult at the best of times, but imagine trying to raise your children from prison. In Mothers of Bedford, filmmaker Jenifer McShane follows the stories of five mothers incarcerated at New York’s only maximum security prison.
While trying to nurture relationships with their children and play central roles in their lives, inmates experience the normal frustrations of parenting as well as the surreal experiences of hosting family holidays in prison, or raising an infant in a cell. After spending five years interviewing and visiting inmate mothers and the families awaiting their return, McShane deliverss an emotionally complex story that speaks to motherhood inside and outside of the prison’s walls.
“This is an absorbing and timely film. Mothers of Bedford confronts crucial issues facing the American criminal justice system. With compassion and honesty, this film captures the impact of incarceration on families and shows what happens to children who are left behind when a mother is removed from a household. The film also demonstrates in touching and intimate detail, the courageous steps toward redemption taken by the mothers of Bedford. I highly recommend it!” ~John Biaggi, Director of Human Rights Watch Festival

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