Menus-Plaisirs Les Troisgros

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Sunday 24, March – Inclusive in ticket price: A fully immersive lunch (at neighboring Market Street) & a movie experience.

Part 1: 11 am-1:15 pm
Intermission/Lunch 1:20 pm-2:10 pm
Part 2: 2:15 pm-4 pm 

Legendary documentary director Frederick Wiseman serves up an astonishing, four-hour banquet, plunging us into the propulsive energy of restaurant life. We take our spot on the line amidst the close-knit Troisgros family, leaders in the nouvelle cuisine movement emphasizing fresh, strong flavors over the heavy sauces of yesteryear. The film makes for a stirring testament to creative collaboration, making for delicious food and memorable art.  (dir.Frederick Wiseman, France, 2023, 240m) 

“The film is both a food lover’s dream and an aspiring chef’s guidebook, uncovering the sophisticated alchemy that makes such places not only run flawlessly, but serve up groundbreaking dishes that are also locally sourced.” Hollywood Reporter