Make Me Famous w/ dir. Brian Vincent and prod. Heather Spore via Zoom

Trailer Review

Orpheum · Saugerties

Part of the ARThouse and CLOSE UP series

Saturday, July 6

The telling of the 1980’s art world through the eyes of an unknown artist, is as much a wild ride through New York City as it is an examination of what it was like to hustle for recognition among the heavyweights of Basquiat, Kieth Haring, Madonna, Eric Bogosian, Patti Astor… It was a rollercoaster! The movie takes us through parties, galleries, and the spirit of the era on the artist Edward Brezinski’s quest for fame. (dir. Brian Vincent,U.S., 2021, 93m)

… the abundance of home video footage from back in the day, and campy dirt-dishing from the interviewees, makes for a touching look at halcyon period in New York history, before the last shabby corners of Manhattan were gentrified beyond all recognition.”  —Guardian