Last Train Home

November 8 – 11
Mon 6:00
Tue 6:00
Wed 8:20
Thur 8:20 – Last Show
(China/Canada/UK / 2009 / dir by Lixin Fan)
Every New Year, in what is the world’s largest human migration, 130 million Chinese migrant workers make their way from industrial cities to their countryside homes scattered far and wide.
Filmmaker Lixin Fan spent over three years following Zhang Changha and Chen Suqin, a married couple working at a garment factory, as they make their annual 1300 mile pilgrimage home to visit their two teenaged children who are being raised by their grandparents. The kids are resentful, and look at their parents as strangers who have effectively abandoned them in pursuit of economic prosperity. In telling this one family’s story, Fan reveals a nation in the grips of an economic “miracle” that is painfully caught between its past and its future. In Mandarin and Sichuan dialect with English subtitles.
Unrated / 87 mins.
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