Kati With an I

Thu May 24 at 7:30

(US / 2010 / Dir by Robert Greene)
UR / 86 mins.
* In Person: Director Robert Greene
A story that is familiar to every person and rarely captured cinematically, the uncomfortable transition out of childhood is brought to the screen by debut filmmaker Robert Greene.
He follows Kati living in rural Alabama during the last months before her high school graduation.  At first the details of her situation are shadowy, and the revelation of “what happened” is parsed throughout the build up to graduation day and her departure to rejoin her parents, who recently moved to North Carolina.  She hopes her fiancé James will come with her for the summer.  She goes to the mall, goes swimming, and lives out her summer in front of the camera.  The film’s cinematographer Sean Price Williams carefully and tenderly navigates his way through Kati’s life, taking in the minute details of a typical rural upbringing and making it extraordinary.  Though is difficult to highlight the issues dealt with in this film without giving away its conclusion, rest assured that it will reverberate long after the credits roll.
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