Indian Point

June 26 Rhinebeck

This Special Preview showing of Ivy Meeropol’s award-wining documentatry, INDIAN POINT is a fund-raising screening for the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater that still needs another year of work to fully restore the sloop to coast guard standards. In Person: Director/Producer  Ivy Meeropol and film subjects, activist Marilyn Elie and journalist Roger Witherspoon. Admission: $20; Senior Citizens: $15. For further information: or 845-265-8080 x 7113.
Ivy Meeropol’s director’s statement:  “My goal with this film is to present a story of great complexity through the people who are most invested in this industry – the owners of the plant, the workers at the plant and the activists who want to shut it all down. By focusing on one nuclear power plant during it’s dramatic struggle to remain viable, I believe we can gain a deeper understanding of the greater issues and questions that plague the world re: how to safely provide energy. Going inside Indian Point was essential to me, it drove my curiosity and as a filmmaker I try to bring that curiosity to the screen believing that audiences too want to see inside, and know who works there and what they do there, all day, every day. This is not a film about whether nuclear power is good or bad. As the repercussions of the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster continue to unfold, the relevant questions to me are: do we continue operating aging plants, especially one like Indian Point which is situated in the middle of the largest population of any nuclear power plant in the nation, and if so, who or what organization will make sure these plants are run safely? This is a film that welcomes all perspectives, voices from all sides of the issue, especially those who work at the plant and who are often overlooked in this debate. What is this grand bargain we’ve made with ourselves to power the world and how can we make sure it doesn’t destroy us? It’s a huge question and one best told through the lens of one plant and the handful of characters that care what happens to it.”
The Connection: Since its inception, the founders of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater opposed the siting of a massive nuclear power plant on the Hudson River within 25 miles of New York City.Understanding that evacuation would be virtually impossible due to rapid gridlock of all roads and bridges leading away from a serious accident or incident, Clearwater stepped up its effort to close the plant in 2001 — immediately after 9-11. Recent leaks, transformer explosions and now rusty or missing bolts on former plates inside the reactor are symptomatic of increasing danger due to ongoing wear and tear with little to no preventive maintenance. Severely overcrowded fuel pools filled with 4 – 5 times the radioactive fuel rods than they were originally designed to hold pose a severe risk of a spontaneous fuel pool fire. As an intervenor in the relicensing case Clearwater pointed out the Environment Justice disparities that a disaster at Indian Point would have on communities of color, ethnicity, low-income, the elderly and people with disabilities. Given that the NYS Dept. of State and other reliable studies have offered irrefutable documentation that the energy generated by Indian Point 54777 is not needed, we believe the risks greatly outweigh the benefits of allowing these aging reactors to continue to operate. But come see this objective, award-winning documentary and decide for yourself. AND help finish the rebuilding of the Sloop Clearwater…

(US / 2016 / Directed by Ivy Meeropol)
unrated / 94 mins.