In the Court of the Crimson King

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Part of the SONIC WAVE film series.

Monday, November 13 7:00p

This one is for all the prog rockers out there. King Crimson is a seminal band for math rock, metal, pop, noise… the list goes on. You name it, King Crimson has influenced it, and they’ve accrued a fanbase with a special kind of dedication to prove it. In this documentary, the longest-lasting member, Robert Fripp, explains his 45-hour-a-week practice schedule and recounts his ever-changing group of musicians in his band. A film that reminds us artistic success does not come without sacrifice, but is rewarded with the sublime. (dir. Toby Amies, UK, 2022, 86 m)

This unflinching portrait of the prog rock band is like an episode of The Office but with huge drum kits, grizzled roadies and rapturous fans.” – The Guardian