Howl’s Moving Castle

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Saturday, July 22


Sunday, July 23

Please be considerate and limit RSVPs to a maximum of 4 tickets per film. We will monitor reservations to prevent bulk RSVPs, as this is a series that we would like the entire community to enjoy.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-nominated film follows an average girl who, after meeting a handsome young wizard, is transformed into a 90-year-old woman, and must embark upon a dangerous journey to lift the curse. Pulled into a life-and-death struggle between powerful sorcerers, she finds her own inner strength. Featuring the voices of Christian Bale, Emily Mortimer, Billy Crystal and Lauren Bacall. (Japan, 2005, 114m, recommended for age 7 and up)

“A delightful fairytale with its heart set on repealing the law of gravity … a touching parable about the transforming power of love and the scary burden of youth” –The Guardian

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