Hour of the Wolf

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Part of THE WITCHING HOUR film series.

Saturday, October 14
Wednesday, October 18

Two of Ingmar Bergman’s favorite actors, Max Von Sydow and Liv Ulman, play a husband and pregnant wife who live in artistic solitude on an island. All seems well until nightmares of monsters plague the husband and worry the wife. Strange friends from a neighboring castle (because scary movies always need weirdos in a castle) stoke the fragile couple’s relationship with news of a former lover, and unease seeps into their psyche. Soon, the nightmares become all too real. Oozing with ghoulish imagery that mirrors a personal unraveling, this Bergman classic promises to disturb. (Sweden, 1968, 88m) 

Probably the darkest of Ingmar Bergman’s journeys into his shadowy interior.” – The New Yorker