Hot to Trot

Oct 6 Rhinebeck




IN PERSON: Filmmaker Gail Freedman. Sat October 6th in Rhinebeck at 2:30pm.
Gail Freedman takes us inside the world of same-sex competitive ballroom dancing.
The film follows a small international cast of four magnetic men and women, on and off the dance floor, over a four-year period. An immersive character study – and an idiosyncratic attack on bigotry – this rousing, powerful story unfurls with the rhythms and energy of dramatic cinema. HOT TO TROT’s story, which lives at the intersection of art, activism and passion, has appeal to a broad and diverse audience. As these dancers evolve, we understand, vividly and personally, the real impact of the LGBTQ politics we read about every day.
US / 2018 / Directed by Gail Freedman
Unrated / 1 hr 28 mins.

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