Hipgnosis: Squaring the Circle

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Part of the SONIC WAVE film series.

Monday, October 16

Filmmaker Anton Corbijin tells the story of two young British artists who caught the attention of Pink Floyd, igniting a design firm that created the most seminal album covers in rock. With a shot of hallucinogen-laced nostalgia and new interviews with Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Noel Gallagher, and many more, this documentary is a lesson in risk-taking and following one’s artistic instincts. (dir. Anton Corgijin, U.S, 2022, 101 min)

“…a fascinating and suitably maverick snapshot of a richly creative moment in music history, told through a couple of disreputable hippies who designed some of the most iconic album covers of all time.”  –The Guardian