Hell and Back Again

Sun May 20 at 5:45

(2011 / USA / dir by Danfung Dennis)
UR / 88 mins.
* In Person: Iraq Veteran Derek McGee
Pushing 2nd Battalion through the rocky barren landscape of southern Afghanistan, Sgt. Nathan Harris is wounded just before completing a mission deep into Taliban territory.  Hell and Back Again viscerally depicts the emotional and physical hazards of a wounded soldiers’ return home.
With a metal bar holding his shattered leg together, Sgt. Harris endures painful physical therapies and an increasing reliance on prescription medication like Oxycontin.  The film deftly toggles between the frenzy of battle and the more inward torment of readjusting to civilian life.  The film’s concussed soundscape and stunning imagery, courageously shot by director Danfung Dennis, propels the viewer deep into the heart of the soldiers’ experience.  Winner of last year’s Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, and a 2012 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary, WE RECOMMEND this incredible film.
Article by Derek McGee
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