Happy Juneteenth

Dear Filmgoers,
Happy Juneteenth! Change is blowin’ in the wind – let’s hope this time it lands mightily.
Apart from deep-cleaning our facilities and making aesthetic improvements, we’ve been actively discussing our eventual reopening and which procedures will be most effective in keeping us all protected. Observing and communicating with theaters in other states as they turn on the lights has been invaluable. We’re learning what strategies are proving effective, and brainstorming how we can implement them at our locations.
Limited capacity and socially distanced seating will play an important role initially, and every effort will be made to make the moviegoing experience as touchless as possible (but still fun). There will be several hand sanitizer stations, transparent barriers at the counter, staff will be required to wear both a mask and gloves, and finally, we’re making the monumental leap to accepting credit cards! At first, all shows will be online presale-only, but eventually you’ll be able to swipe your card at the counter to buy a ticket. 
Although we don’t have a firm date as of yet, it will likely be a month at the very least until we reopen. We’ve said this before, but it remains true – your safety and that of our staff is our top priority; we will not open our doors until we see evidence that it is sensible to do so. 
That’s all for now. Check out the new film, RUNNER (more info below), available in our Virtual Cinema, and stay tuned for updates. There are some very exciting special events in the works. Thanks for reading, and for sticking with us.
– The Upstate Crew