Geographies of Solitude

Trailer Review


Opens Sunday, April 16

The naturalist Zoe Lucas has lived over 40 years on Sable Island, a remote sliver of land in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean; Jacquelyn Mills uses 16mm film (and eco-friendly techniques) to capture her story in playful and innovative ways, following as Lucas seeks to keep just one solitary refuge pristine … even as trash washes in. Winner, Berlin, Hot Docs, Vancouver film festivals. (Canada, 2022, 103m)

“Turns an ecology lesson, and an account of a noble, steadfast, single-minded pursuit, into art” –New York Times

With “Michelle” (dir. Duke Riley and Mac Premo, 10 min., 2022) Featuring sound design by Jad Abumrad (Radiolab), this short spotlights Michele Klimzak, a year-round resident of Fishers Island, who cleans the island’s beaches —removing as much as 25,000 pounds of plastic trash each year.