May 2
*Saturday 2:00, all tix $10
*IN PERSON: filmmakers
(US/2008/dir by Eve Waltermaurer & Hazel Gurland)
FIRST, a documentary exploring the various first sexual experiences of women spanning different backgrounds and ages, was released by local filmmakers Eve Waltermaurer and Hazel Gurland in 2008 and has since been screened across the United States. These Hudson Valley filmmakers are now sharing the film at home for the first time as a fund raiser for the local chapter of Planned Parenthood. 
FIRST is a compilation of 10 women’s personal histories of their developing sexuality. The women of First welcome us into their bedrooms and their private past sharing ‘first’ stories. We learn about the sexual path from first kiss to first orgasm that is so unique but in many ways so similar across women. The women in First come from a variety of geographic backgrounds: urban, suburban and rural, a variety of racial/ethnic backgrounds, and a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. In addition, the women in First span four generations revealing the change in sexual attitudes from the 1920’s through today.
unrated / 40 mins