Everlasting Moments

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(Sweden / 2008 / dir by Jan Troell)


A devoted family woman living in early 20thC Sweden discovers a natural—and life-altering—talent for photography.

Maria Larsson (Maria Heiskanen) is a Finnish-born woman married to Sigge (Mikael Persbrandt), a bull-like dockworker who is often drunk and abusive, although he can be charming. When the dockworkers go on strike, Maria tries to pawn the only valuable object the family owns—a camera won in a lottery but never used. Instead, the pawn shop owner, Sebastian Pedersen (Jesper Christensen), encourages her to use it. Slowly, and with no consciousness of “art,” Maria discovers her natural bent for photography. Sweden’s entry for the 81st Academy Awards and a nominee for Best Foreign Film Golden Globe. In Swedish with subtitles.

unrated / 131 mins

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