Ennio (SONIC WAVE Weekly)

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Orpheum · Saugerties

A SONIC WAVE Weekly screening.

Monday, April 1

The iconic music of Ennio Morricone’s expansive career can be found in such films as Fistful of Dollars, Days of Heaven, and The Hateful Eight. Now, in this carefully curated documentary, we are able to trace his life from his Italo-pop roots to some of the most legendary music in cinema. Interviews with collaborators like Bertolucci, Argento, and Tarantino detail the artistic relationship between music and movies, while paying homage to a dedicated and talented composer. (dir. Giuseppe TornatoreItaly Belgium Japan Netherland Italy Belgium Japan, 2021, 150m)

(Tornatore’s) documentary represents a painstakingly detailed, fantastically entertaining deep dive into the career of the hyper-prolific Italian composer Ennio Morricone…” –The Guardian